eine schlecht gemachte Massenmail erreicht Deutschland mit einer großen Welle:

Die Mail kommt von Feedex-Shipment-Notification und enthält im gleichnamigen Anhang den Trojaner TrojanWin32.Agent2.mgc und sieht ungefähr so aus:


Ship (P/U) Date: 05/15/2012


Tracking Nbr Est. Delvry Svc Recipient Company Name ST Ctry Nbr Pcs Status +
007865008277 May 21 Please refer to attached report for more details US 1 At FedEx destination facility


Total Pieces: 1
Total Weight: 1.00 lb.
Please do not respond to this message. This email was sent from an unattended mailbox. This report was generated at approximately 6:02 AM CST on 04/30/2012.


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All weights are estimated. Shipments delayed because of Customs or other regulatory delays are not subject to refund or credit under the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee. Also, InSight information (including without limitation, Estimated Delivery) may not be used as a basis for filing a Money-Back Guarantee claim. See the FedEx InSight License Agreement for more details For more information, please contact your FedEx Customer Support representative.


+ Delivered on an IPD/IDF master airwaybill means ‘the shipment has been released for delivery’.


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der Trojaner verändert die Firewall und manipuliert die Sicherheitseinstellungen am Client-PC,
ist aber für die meisten kommerziellen Antivirenprogramme keine große Herausforderung.